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The best solutions developed

With a focus on managing and improving the health of the elderly, the software has the best tools to speed up the processes carried out.

- Electronic prognosis specialized in the health of the elderly.

- Effort and time management of the processes executed by multidisciplinary teams.

- Stock control of medicines, food and other materials used by the elderly.

-  Cash flow management, accounting of expenses and income per guest/resident.

- Modeling study for customization of the screens and logical sequences of the process.

- Intelligent alerts to help with medical diagnosis and to notify family members.

- Integrated report comparing clinical assessment and the evolution of costs related to care for the elderly.

- Acces to information about the health of individuals in an actionable and electronic form.

- Quick and universal accessibility, capable of being shared by multiple people and in different places, according to pre-established restrictions.

- Management function composed of productivity spreadsheets, waiting list and accountability.

- Capacity to function as a data and knowledge bank, subsidizing research and planning of public health actions.

- Easy communication between the multidisciplinary team responsible for the care of the elderly person.

- Access to reports, agendas, among other functionalities of any mobile device (Android or IOS).

- At MedLogic, the interfaces are clean, the most relevant data at any given time are highlighted and provide instant access if you want to deepen or research.

- The organization of clinical data is segmented into dimensions that follow a logic of medical thought and not computer science.

We specialize  in providing adequate care for the elderly, especially those with a high degree of weakness.


The proposal is not to replace the electronic prognosis of patients in a general way, but to replace the electronic prognosis of a specialized Center for the care of the elderly with a completely different and adequate model care.


A technology made for this model!

Suitable platform for the ANS standards for the "Idoso Bem Cuidado" project.

Health institutions can benefit from future regulations on ANS standards, the model that seeks to improve health service delivery and the way in which it is remunerated in the supplementary health sector, from a model focused on payment for procedures or services (free-for-service) for other alternatives that bring the user as the center of health actions (patient-centered).

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