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FAQ - Frequently asked questions:

1) If the client wants to add a module after a certain time of software use, do you need to contract a new plan?

No, only the development of the module will be charged which must be budgeted when the demand and project requirements are established, based on development hours. This estimate will be made free of charge and without obligation.

2) Wich browsers are suitable for using the software?

We recommend Firefox, which is free and does not have a policy that consumes personal data as Google does, based on Mozilla (same technical basis as Chrome), available for MAC, IOS and Windows. It also runs the Flash plugin and SilverLight, both of which are required for the use of all MedLogic features.

Both plugins are free of charge and must be activated and updated constantly to be able to be used. This way the utility will always be secure. However, it is also possible to use Google Chrome (except modeling tools), Safari and Internet Explorer (both in MedLogcic and modeling.

3) How do I access the data stored by the software?

The customer will have access to these during the time of use of the software, being able to request them from the company without any cost.

4) Does MedLogic integrate with other systems?

Integration between systems should never be underestimated, as they involve different platforms, languages, standards and suppliers. However, in recent years interoperability standards have evolved a lot, especially with the emergence of standards such as SOAP/XML or REST/JSON which, when followed by the systems involved, facilitates data exchange. In health there is also the HL7 standard, which contains an archetype (data representation pattern) suitable for storing clinical data (blood type, metabolic data, glycemic, index, etc.).

MedLogic contains what we call the “Service layer”, which uses these standards and therefore facilitates integrations. But an integration will always require some custom development, whether it’s ours, from another system vendor or another developer.

5) For which formats are the data exported?

The data obtained and generated by the software is easily exported into Excel spreadsheets.

6) Is it possible to do inventory control by MedlLogic?

Yes, the software has a stock control module with replenishment alert.

7) Can I access MedLogic from another devices?

Yes, we have an APP to perform medication check and daily evolution on any mobile device.

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